GTX 1650

IT’S REAL(LY FUCKING SLOW) – ASUS Intel Iris Xe DG1 Discrete GPU Performance Tested from CyberPowerPC OEM System

A little while back it became apparent that Intel had actually managed to find an OEM partner to dump its Iris Xe-LP based “DG1” discrete graphics cards in the form of a CyberPowerPC pre-built system. This was discovered a little over a month ago and since then nothing really came from it, with nobody generally […]

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NVIDIA Backtracks on RTX 2060 Production to Favor RTX Ampere due to DRAM Shortages?

Over the last few months we’ve reported on the hilarity of the situation regarding the graphics card market, with reports on NVIDIA reproducing garbage from the catalogue such as the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1650. Admits the cancer NVIDIA seems hell bent on reproducing older generation hardware during this time of crisis and […]

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