[Archive] Heartbeat Bundle Is 41% Off On Steam And ResetEra Is Seething

The Rainbow Reich took aim at the developer of the RPG Maker game, Heartbeat. Why? Because the developer’s girlfriend ranted against the current wave of propaganda that’s been used to prop up the trans movement. The multi-colored flag fascists labeled the developer and their girlfriend as “TERFs”, called them and the game “transphobic”, and tried to review-bomb Heartbeat on Steam […]

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[Archive] ResetEra User Admitted To Sexually Assaulting His Stepsister

One of the posters on ResetEra who is taking aim at the developer of the indie title Heartbeat — because the developer’s girlfriend spoke out honestly about gender dysphoria and the disturbed trans movement sweeping popular media — is actually a sexual assaulter. This is by his own admission. Back in October of 2014, tweets […]

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