NVIDIA Officially “Unlaunches” The RTX 4070 (4080 12GB)

NVIDIA are now transcending what it truly means to be a hardware company by being the very first of its kind to “unlaunch” a product. No real surprises here, NVIDIA look to be washing its hands clean of its disastrous unveiling of the RTX 4080 “12GB” model or more accurately, what probably would’ve, should’ve, could’ve […]

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Desperate Bugmen – Chinese OEMs Rush to Sell RTX Mobility GPUs as Discrete Graphics Cards

I’m totally sure there’s no correlation between this absolute kikery from the Jews of the East and an ever declining cryptocurrency market of which the Chinese thrive upon. Chinese OEM partners of NVIDIA, or rather the correct term would probably be abductor considering how there’s no such thing as an actual partnership between the CCP […]

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Tech Urinalists Hilariously Promote Malicious “NVIDIA LHR Unlocker”

Have you ever heard of the saying, if something is too good to be true it’s probably a sham? Clearly not to the degenerate cesspit of Tech Journalism with publications such as Videocardz, Tom’s Hardware, WCCF and PC Gaymer have all jumped on the bandwagon to promote a supposed software utility that seemingly came into […]

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