Nintendo Switch Pro Leaks in Tatters – Nintendo Announces Switch OLED With no Real Hardware Changes

Remember all the hype surrounding the leaks spat out by urinalistic hacks such as wccftech regarding a Nintendo Switch Pro upgrade with an OLED screen combined with a superior CPU and GPU that would support NVIDIA’s DLSS technology? Well Nintendo has put those leaks to rest with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED with […]

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Life’s Good – Microsoft Bringing “Auto HDR” onto Windows 10 – Windows Insider Preview Build Now Enables “Auto HDR” Across 1000+ DirectX 11 and 12 Titles

What once was a feature that was exclusive only to the Xbox Series S and X consoles, Microsoft’s Auto HDR is now making the transition onto Windows 10 PC’s. Though sadly only enabled via Windows Insider Preview Build 21337, Auto HDR is an extremely clever feature that effectively reinterprets the standard dynamic range image of […]

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Monitards Rejoice – NVIDIA Silently Lowers Criteria Standards for G-Sync Ultimate Display Certification

NVIDIA G-Sync has gone through many iterations, starting out in life as being overpriced proprietary garbage utilising an FPGA module produced by ALTERA (and owned by the Intel Corporation) in direct competition with the VESA Adaptive-Sync VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) otherwise known as Free-Sync as an alternative that didn’t require any propitiatory module and thus […]

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