Republic of Goyim Woes – $600+ ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero Boards Allegedly Catching Fire – Intel 250W PL2 Too Hot to Handle?

When it comes to AIB aftermarket manufacturers when it comes to things such as graphics cards and motherboards only one brand in particular comes to mind as being woefully terrible despite establishing itself as a premium brand, the AIB equivalent of Apple if you will. And the honor of premium garbage would have to go […]

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ASUS to Collaborate with Noctua to Release Overpriced GeForce RTX 30 Series Cards with Premium Cooling Solutions?

A match made in hell. ASUS are well known for releasing overpriced garbage across all fronts, simply because they’re perceived as being one of those “premium” brands so their products typically go for higher than other brands just because, especially ROG (Republic of Goyim) branded products. Noctua all well regarded for making premium, if not […]

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