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Apex Legends Lead Designer Daniel Z Klein Fired by Respawn Entertainment for Offensive Posts Made 14 Years Ago

A man’s career has just been James Gunn(ed) down. No, you didn’t read the headline wrong, somebody has literally been given the sack not once but twice after their “controversial” posts made 14 goddamn years ago resurfaced sprouting controversy. Poor fucking soul. Daniel Z Klein, you may not know him or neither do I for […]

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[Archive] Apex Legends Developer Derides Community For Not Liking Expensive Cash Shop Packs

Respawn Entertainment has come under fire recently for going after their community for not liking some of the changes in the recent update to Apex Legends. Their uncouth behavior didn’t quite go over so well with the local community, though. As reported in a Medium piece by Benjamin Wareing, Respawn Entertainment’s project lead, Drew “dko5” McCoy, took aim […]

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