RTX 4000

NVIDIA Officially “Unlaunches” The RTX 4070 (4080 12GB)

NVIDIA are now transcending what it truly means to be a hardware company by being the very first of its kind to “unlaunch” a product. No real surprises here, NVIDIA look to be washing its hands clean of its disastrous unveiling of the RTX 4080 “12GB” model or more accurately, what probably would’ve, should’ve, could’ve […]

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ABSOLUTE CHUTZPAH – Jensen Huang Defends RTX 4000 Series Pricing by Claiming “Moore’s Law is Dead”

I love it when gigantic corporations rightfully receive critical backlash from otherwise gullible consoomers, because then it just results in said corporation pulling excuses out of a hat in order to justify their kike-ish antics. NVIDIA announced their next generation of graphics cards, the RTX 4000 series (ADA Lovelace) to much fanfare, filled with the […]

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Hot, Expensive and Blatant Kikery – NVIDIA Announces the GeForce RTX 4090 & “4080”

$1600, bullshit “4X performance” marketing, a $900 RTX 4070 and frame interpolation with DLSS 3.0? The upcoming generation of GPUs is looking to be the stellar, the good being that in terms of performance uplift over the previous generation, ADA Lovelace looks to be a solid improvement, above average, but when it comes to actual […]

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