ryan shrout

AMDone – Intel Core i9-11900K “Shroutistics” Showcases The Absolute Destruction of AMD’s Ryzen 9 5950X in Multiple Scenarios

Higher is always better. With Intel’s 11th generation Core processors set to launch on March 30th consumers couldn’t help but wonder what the performance of Intel’s upcoming “Rocket Lake” processors are really like. Now at a first glance some might see Anandtech’s horrible and unjustified early review and think that Intel’s Rocket Lake processors are […]

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Ryan Shroutstein At It Again – Intel Releases Fake News Presentation Regarding AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile Performance On Battery Power

Real world performance matters. Stop the benchmarks. Now if you don’t know who Ryan Shrout is he’s a worthless rat parasite formally of PCPerspective who notoriously before joining Intel shilled for and wrote a whitepaper regarding their Optane drives, and in a complete “unrelated” note PCPerspective managed to secure much more Optane drives to review […]

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