Intel Looks to Secure Early Bid for TSMC 3nm Production

Intel’s own semiconductor sector is going so amazingly well as of late they’re looking to offload production onto TSMC’s 3 nanometer node. According to reports TSMC have demanded that the Intel corporation pay a large sum up front as a deposit to secure 3nm node allocation which is a standard practice with semiconductor manufacturers as […]

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Intel Alder Lake is a Gluttonous Power Hog – Peak Power Consumption is THROUGH THE ROOF

When it comes to Intel’s upcoming 12th generation Alder Lake processors there’s hardly any redeeming qualities about it, aside from the fact that Intel finally intend on utilizing their now cucked 10nm processing node in a full-scale lineup. Because Intel are the sorts of company that loves to boast about their 1onm production now overtaking […]

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Intel: Yes, we’re slower, hotter, less efficient and less secure but hey!, at least we have fabs outside Asia!

Intel, through its latest CEO – Pat Gelsinger’s mouth as mouthpiece, recently put it out there that we should still pretend it is relevant because it has chip fabs outside of Asia and, in particular, Taiwan.

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