SK Hynix Reveals HBM3 Memory Details – Capable of 665 GB/s Bandwidth

High Bandwidth Memory, developed in conjunction between SK Hynix and AMD has served the purpose of providing insanely fast, stackable DRAM modules close to the GPU core of which both are placed on an interposer. HBM memory provides vastly superior peak bandwidth and efficiency over traditional GDDR memory. HBM started from humble beginnings first showcased […]

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Intel Inside, Liquidation Outside – Intel Agrees To Sell NAND Flash Business And Fab To SK Hynix for $9 Billion

The Intel corporation are well on their way of becoming a fabless chip manufacturer before the end of the decade. SK Hynix has announced in a press release that they have made an agreement to acquire Intel’s NAND business in a $9 billion dollar deal. However this deal excludes the sale of Intel’s own Optane […]

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