Pixiv Kneels Before ZOG With Diversity and Anti Harassment Pledges

Another crushing blow to those who remain ignorant to the fact that the once proud nation of Japan has been reduced to yet another (((occupied))) country hell bent on inclusivity and woke politics. One-by-one, Japanese corporations of all verities have opted to commit seppuku by kneeling before ZOG in the name of diversity and inclusivity. […]

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Trump’s Love of Jew Jew Cum Knows no Bounds – “TRUTH Social” to Remove Hate Speech and Sexually Explicit Content

Free speech, it doesn’t exist anymore. Any platform or site either you or I utilize will either slam down on individuals who partake in wrong think or in worst case scenarios proclaim to be “free speech” but in actuality will ensure that those anti-semetic remarks are kept to an absolute minimum. The bogus claims of […]

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