Take-Two Interactive Shoahs Yet Another Grand Theft Auto Mod
September 23, 2022
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When it comes to game franchises infamous for their PC modding ability and community there’s generally nothing that can be compared to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, barring Bethesda who purposefully release broken titles leaving modders to clean up their mess.

Grand Theft Auto has a massive PC modding community, spanning across all titles, but of course when it comes to Jewish firms such as Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Rockstar Games you’re not allowed to enhance your experience be it graphically or technologically.

Take-Two Interactive has an extensive history and personal vendetta against the PC modding community of Grand Theft Auto, having shut down the GTA Underground mod project for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas just a year ago, the crimes of GTA Underground in the eyes of Take-Two were obvious, the mod in question combines world maps from GTA III, VC together combined with maps from other Rockstar titles such as Manhunt and Bully.

But of course you won’t ever find Take-Two filing a DMCA claim against the FiveM project for Grand Theft Auto V, without community modded servers being immensely popular on streaming services such as Twitch GTA Online wouldn’t have as much traction (and profits) as it does today.

Though that hasn’t stopped Take-Jew from whipping out DMCA lawsuits and threats to just about anyone who comes into view, with the kike conglomerate issuing a takedown notice for the Grand Theft Auto IV “Definitive Edition” modification.

The Definitive Edition (D.E.P.) modification is exactly as it sounds, a large scale mod collection for Grand Theft Auto IV that fixes various bugs and provides adjustments over the standard graphical textures and lighting effects in such a manner that it doesn’t deviate from the original design.

Take-Two Interactive had also recently DMCA’d another enhancement modification for GTA IV, that being the “Ultimately Beautiful Edition for Steam” mod which is more or less a compilation of graphical mods slammed together.

Take-Two have only issued a DMCA takedown notice to the D.E.P. team over their Grand Theft Auto IV Definitive Edition modification which has subsequently been removed from their website so it can no longer be downloaded, though of course this doesn’t necessarily stop Take-Two from issuing more DMCA notices targeting their mods for GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas also.

The Definitive Edition mods are immensely popular, so much as the likes of DODI and FitGirl do in fact offer their own repacked versions of all the aforementioned GTA titles with the D.E.P. mod included, so unless you cannot find a more updated version of the mod in question yourself resorting to a Repack may be your only option. Shame.

The reasoning behind why Take-Two are targeting Grand Theft Auto IV specifically is questionable to say the least.

With Take-Two stating the only reasons for issuing DMCA takedowns is either due to malicious intentions or threatening their business, such as when they purged a bunch of mods for older Grand Theft Auto titles including GTA Underground leading up to the reveal of their woeful GTA Trilogy bastardization.

Grand Theft Auto IV mods are being targeted of late, in which case it was highly speculated that there were potential remasters planned for both Grand Theft Auto IV along with Red Dead Redemption but these have supposedly been shelved due to the rightfully poor reception of the GTA Trilogy with Rockstar’s main focus being on destroying the Grand Theft Auto franchise with the woke and inclusive GTA 6.

But in all honesty, GTA IV runs like dogshit on the PC, and Red Dead Redemption is in a similar state albeit through the means of XBOX 360 / PlayStation 3 emulation, but at least they are functional and intact, if Rockstar were to ever re-release either game on the PC rest assured that in one way shape or form they will arbitrarily censor or fuck them up in ways that extend beyond missing radio stations.

But with all these recent DMCA takedowns, perhaps plans haven’t changed at all, but then again that would only mean that any potential remaster, like the GTA Trilogy will be outsourced to a bunch of Poojeets.

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