Thanks For Pre-Ordering – NVIDIA RTX 3080 10GB Already DOA – 20GB Variant Paper Launch In December?

First and foremost can I kindly just ask NVIDIA for one week, just one fucking week to stop doing something that either makes them look even more retarded or to fuck over the consumers in some form. Please, it’s inhumane to lead such an assault on the disabled.

Secondly, thanks for pre-ordering the 10GB 3080. No seriously, thank you. Availability issues, launch issues and stability issues aside it appears the glorious marvels of Ampere aren’t over just yet as sources informing Videocardz‘s hate stated that NVIDIA plan to revitalize the RTX 3080 with a 20GB SKU along with a planned 16GB variant of the RTX 3070 some time in December.

Such marvelous ingenuity from Jensen Huang. Scalp buyers with no stock for the unequipped 10GB variant and while the goyim are still waiting on their pre-orders weeks later usher out a 20GB variant of the very same card that’s extremely difficult to find world wide let alone for anywhere close to MSRP.

Nvidia gets to upsell you the same GPU for an additional markup because let me tell you, this 20GB variant won’t come cheap at all. The move for these higher capacity cards is probably down to the fact that as RDNA 2 closes nearer that it’ll be offering competitive performance and pricing while being equipped with more VRAM.

If NVIDIA literally plans to throw those who pre-ordered the 10GB version under the bus so soon why exactly did they paper launch it in the first place?

Money. With the 20GB variant rumored to be priced at $999 it would prove that the 10GB version was merely used as a distraction for early sales and to push a lower price-tag on an otherwise DOA / EOL product.

NVIDIA is literally already making consumers buy up with the 20GB RTX 3080 while they can’t even produce either 10GB units or the RTX 3090.

Consumers just can’t seem to catch a break. Jensen’s greed truly knows no bounds and the gullible consumers continue to be the sheeple they aspire to be.