Tower of Fantasy Caught Plagiarizing Fate/Grand Order Saint Quartz
September 7, 2022
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The words “copyright infringement” clearly don’t have a direct translation into mandarin.

Tower of Fantasy is another shitty generic gacha game, similarly to Genshin Impact, of which Tower of Fantasy hopes to capitalize upon Genshin’s success of which has generated billions of dollars.

Developed by the Chinese company, Perfect World, the very same Chinese company that has partnered up with Valve in bringing Dota 2 along with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to the mainland, so there’s some “credibility” here.

However when it comes to China, the CCP or how I’d prefer to call them, oriental Jews, the Chinese are quite possibly the most deceptive bastards on the entire planet especially when it comes to originality.

Tower of Fantasy has been hit left and right with accusations of plagiarism, going as far back as the Open Beta announcement trailer which had been found to blatantly steal design queues verbatim from a concept movie.

Before that, Tower of Fantasy was also caught stealing assets from Honkai Impact almost a year ago.

Tower of Fantasy is a soulless gacha game, selling itself to the soyim as pretty obvious Genshin Impact clone, with the MMO providing horrid bland repetitive gameplay in favor of regular character and content drops providing gaymers with flashy colors and waifus in hope to keep them engaged.

But I believe the best part of Tower of Fantasy comes in the form of players easily being able to edit files and essentially cheat, cheating is a rampant issue in a gacha game designed for people to spend money in pulling for certain characters.

Besides that, much like Genshin Impact, the globalized release of Tower of Fantasy has doubled down on censorship as well.

However, despite being caught plagiarizing once before, as the game itself surely crumbles and loses relevance, Tower of Fantasy has been caught once again blatantly plagiarizing Fate/Grand Order’s Saint Quartz for their own time limited event currency.

Side by side comparison of ToF’s Star Grit and FGO’s Saint Quartz

Oriental Jews have reached a point where they’ll blatantly steal and reskin something as mundane as a star, something so small and insignificant that nobody would dare question and or notice how lazy Perfect World actually are.

However with the latest update to Tower of Fantasy, Perfect World have tried to sweep the obvious stolen assets under the rug with a recent Patch Update released on September 6th were the logo design for the “Star Grit” currency has changed entirely.

Stealing design elements off of Fate/Grand Order, one of the most popular mobile games, a very smart decision indeed, maybe next time Perfect World will blatantly steal the logo of Genshin’s Primogems.

Naturally, because the Chinese sure as shit won’t take claim for anything negative, Perfect World have summarized the change of the logo in Tower of Fantasy as being a bug fix.

Since inception Tower of Fantasy has been viewed upon as being a shoddy cash grab, made all the more obvious from scandal after scandal of stealing assets and plagiarizing entire trailers, Perfect World obviously haven’t changed one bit.

Particularly because the Chinese never learn, there’s almost enough stolen content surrounding this so called “game” as there is with the Chinese automotive industry, thankfully at the very least the game itself has already lost majority of the “momentum” it had upon release and slowly but surely the game will fade back into obscurity where gacha trash belongs.

Though we can only hope that the likes of Nikke: Goddess of Victory and Zenless Zone Zero follow in its wake.

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