Toy Vey – Subversive “Santa Inc.” Trailer Bastardized With Hilarious Anti-Semitic Comments

What’s this? An episodic adult animation series on HBO about Christmas produced ENTIRELY by Jews? What could go wrong.

Everything in fact, if you’re a kike that is. Say hello to “Santa Inc.” or Satanic, from the makers of the raunchy subversive “Sausage Party” animated film I would put my utmost faith in these parasitic kikes in being “respectful” for Christmas traditions in this Christian friendly series.

Just kidding, just a few seconds into this sub three minute trailer and we’ve already had our first reference to the great hall of cost, needless to say that the (((Grinch))) is certainly looking to ruin your Christmas spirit with anti-white and anti-Christian propaganda.

Because who wants yet another Christmas tale about wholesome family values when instead we could have crude and vulgare language with sex, drugs and of course political bullshit on race and gender.

So why go above and beyond to simply say “fuck tradition”, why because Santa Inc. is insanely Jewish of course.

A quick look at the cast and producers of this trainwreck and you can see a rather telling pattern with such names as Seth Rogen, Seth Green, Sarah Silverman and Leslie Grossman all spreading subversive sewage as they look to demonize the portrayal of a white male Santa.

With a full Jewish production or should I say a full ELF production as you’re about to see.

It’s fairly obvious what the intention was for JewTube to suddenly come out and remove the dislike button from its platform because only corporate crap such as the Santa Inc. trailer above seemingly are disliked bombed. Not that this action really did much of a dent thanks to the lovely “Return YouTube Dislike” extension which now showcases an impressive ratio of over 50,000 dislikes compared to the 1,900+ likes.

But of course it’s not a Christmas miracle if your heart hasn’t been warmed by the actions of others of which case many people in fact outright bastardizing the kikes behind Santa Inc in the trailers very own comment section as the comments are strife full of anti-semitic comments that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Firstly, the obligatory “BASED” is definitely needed here. With various individuals taking to the comment section to spread Christmas cheer in the forms of asking the Elfish Question.

With various comments describing the massacre of the Jolly-caust, how the series accurately portrays (((Sarah Silverman))) as a disgusting goblin like creature.

How Santa Claus manages to deliver over six million presents in just ONE night, the math doesn’t seem to add up on that one.

With my absolute favorites coming from Man of Low Moral Fiber, the comment section of the Santa Inc. trailer is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Because an Elf is immunized against all dangers: one may call them a gift wrapper, coal depositor, cookie stealer, toy destroyer, it all runs off like milk off a candy cane. But call them an Elf and you will be astonished at how they recoil, how injured they are, how they suddenly shriek back: “I’ve been found out.”

But of course not all were willing to take in and accept such proud holiday cheer as faggots such as Claire Goforth, urinalist for The Daily Dot took to Twitter to recoil in disgust over the anti-Elfish comments from the trailer.

Leave the (((Elves))) alone!

Needless to say, amongst all the fellow liberal faggots of Twitter sharing their equally cancerous support for such emotional issues others however thought it would be best to share some of their own Christmas spirit with Claire.

So that about summarizes everything. Kike conglomerates such as Warner Media, owners of HBO are more than happy to promote disgusting anti-Christian, anti-white and of course anti-christmas propaganda from the likes of insanely kiked production as Santa Inc.

It’s truly a blessing to witness such a sheer amount of based comments on YouTube no less, it has really brought back my Christmas spirit.

However it is rather complex, disgusting Jews have always been attributed to such fantasy creatures as Goblins, because that is of course who they truly are. But it certainly doesn’t surprise me that the subversive Elves of the South Pole are trying to take TWO fantasy races to represent themselves.

Though it seems more and more disgruntled snowmen are waking up to their usury.