Unleash The Aryan Warrior Inside With The Human Holocaust Mod For Marvel’s Spider-Man
September 9, 2022

Just your friendly neighborhood Aryan taking out the (((trash))).

Marvel’s Spider-Man has only been out on PC for a single month and yet there’s been plenty of controversy over game mods regarding the removal of faggotry pride flags, which can be replaced with a variety of different options from our very own NATSOC MEGA FLAG PACK.

However, one thing that has generally remained the same with the soylaced game would be the vastly downgraded character model of Peter Parker in the Remastered edition of which the PC port is based upon.

Insomniac Games really put their hearts out in senseless faggotization of Peter to look more or less like the equally gay actor Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man in the theatrical kike fest of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

But of course, everyone remembers the original Spider-Man trilogy, featuring Toby Maguire, as Marvel’s Spider-Man the game tries so hard to recapture the look and feel of 2004’s Spider-Man 2, of which the modern creation fails in several ways, such as the near infinite amount of nigger NPCs featured in-game among the heinous deconstructed kikery found in the remake.

There was always something missing, with that being the most infamous character in the original Trilogy series.

The canonically correct Human Holocaust character was only featured in 2002’s Spider-Man for mere minutes but captured the hearts of gorillions worldwide.

That’s a cute outfit.

Spider-Man belongs to the people and it’s thanks to courageous modding efforts that The Human Holocaust rises once again to rid (((New York City))) of the socioeconomically affected niggers who make up a majority of the crime.

Installation of The Human Holocaust mod is fairly straightforward just like our NATSOC MEGA FLAG PACK, simply download the latest PC modding tool, extract the games contents, select the mod manger tab and add the HH.smpcmod file supplied.

Press install and you’re done.

And of course, The Human Holocaust mod works best when combined with our own MEGA FLAG PACK in ridding Marvel’s Spider-Man of its benign faggotry and giving the game a much needed testosterone boost of Aryan superiority.

Dealing with Jewish puppet coons and she-baboons has never been more fun, playing as The Human Holocaust really brings back the feeling of enjoyment that the modern video game has long since forgotten.

With great power comes great responsibility, such as preserving the white race, among being able to finally make the six gorillion myth into reality, by beating the ever living shit out of minority thugs and rapists.

Special thanks to SuAzFu for bringing this mod to my attention

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