We already know to what extent the stance that Sony has taken when it comes to censorship, however much like a slippery slope censorship simply cannot just stop at one thing.

And the never ending saga of soy when it comes to Sony’s globalized policies continued as the company began cracking down on “child exploitation” and “feminine characters” particularly when it comes to video games only from their former home nation of Japan whereas western video games such as The Lesbians of Us II are more than welcome to subvert our culture and youths with disgusting acts of faggotry.

This is of course combined with the fact that Soyny have relocated their SIE headquarters from Japan to Commiefornia in America, prioritizing distribution of its new PS5 console in western markets, going so far as to swap the button mapping between the X & O buttons to better appeal to western audiences.

Sony has left Japan as an afterthought, so much so that even the Nintendo Switch still thrashes the PS5 when it comes to sales in Japan.

However it appears that Sony has completely lost the plot yet again according to a GameSpark Japan report, Soyny intend to expand upon its ludicrous censorship policies to violence in the sense of gore and dismemberment, essentially from here on out all games aught to be educational by nature featuring zero violence or mature and dark themes.

The report, translated by a ReeeeeeeeeeeeeTard Era degenerate, Sony is asking developers to remove depictions of violence in video games. And this is of course coming from yet another Japanese developer studio known as CyberConnect2, who have developed numerous fighting style games which are adaptations of popular manga/anime series such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and even Demon Slayer.

With CyberConnect2’s President and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama has stated in the report that Soyny wished to interject into the development of 2016’s Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and to make certain changes to tone down the violence, as the character Minato Namikaze who was previously missing an arm however in the finalized product miraculously regrew the missing limb to appease Soyny management.

Because Soyny really wishes to assure you that Japan is of the “utmost importance” which is why they are and will continue to target Japanese developers when it comes to bullshit censorship policies.

Hiroshi Matsuyama continued on to say that SIE’s policies do not permit characters that resemble humans to have the loss of limbs, despite the fact that Minato isn’t technically a human as he was resurrected however Sony simply just aren’t having any of it.

While Soyny personally prohibit dismemberment of limbs, these aren’t actually prohibited by rating boards such as CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization), so Soyny are entirely to blame here, however Soyny themselves had no qualms over CyberConnect2’s Dragon Ball Z Kakarot which has a sequence where Nappa’s arm is dismembered.

Considering that Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 launched in 2016 it’s unclear whether or not these batshit crazy policies have continued through the years considering they’ll allow just about anything onto their system so long as it’s western and progressive, only Japanese developers get the brunt of Soyny’s authority it would seem, though we’ll certainly know for certain once CyberConnect2 releases their Demon Slayer fighting game sometime in 2021.

For now now however we can just forget the chance of Katawa Shoujo getting a port release on the Soyny PlaugeStation ever.